Types of Greeting card


A standard greeting card is imprinted on top notch paper, (for example, card stock), and is rectangular and collapsed, with an image or enriching theme on the front. Inside is a pre-printed message suitable for the event, alongside a clear space for the sender to include a signature or written by hand message. A coordinating envelope is sold with the card. A few cards and envelopes highlight extravagant materials, for example, gold leaf, strips, or sparkle.


Lately, photograph welcoming cards have increased broad prominence and come in two fundamental sorts. The principal type are photograph embed cards in which an opening has been cut in the middle. A photograph slides in simply like a casing. The subsequent sort are printed photograph cards in which the photograph is joined with work of art and printed, ordinarily on a very good quality advanced press, legitimately onto the essence of the card. The two kinds are generally famous for sending occasion welcome, for example, Christmas, Hanukkah, and for infant showers.


Sites utilizing exceptional personalisation innovation, for example, Moonpig, permit purchasers to customize a card which is then printed and sent legitimately to the beneficiary.


These are Greeting cards for the frugal. There are two regular configurations for reusable cards. Right off the bat, there are cards with cuts in them situated to hold pages. Also, there are notebook style cards where pages adhere to the rear of the cards. The pages that have been utilized for reusable cards can be expelled subsequent to being gotten and crisp pages can be utilized to reuse the cards.


Some welcome cards play music or sound when they are opened. They are generally 3D high quality birthday cards which play customary festival melodies, for example, “Cheerful Birthday To You”.


(likewise called e-cards) Greeting cards can likewise be sent electronically. Streak based cards can be sent by email, and numerous destinations, for example, Facebook empower clients to send welcome. All the more as of late, administrations have propelled which empower clients to send welcome to a cell phone by instant message or utilize portable application for this reason such cards are called Mobile E-cards or MCards. A large number of these electronic administrations offer open or mysterious visit, to empower further conversation.

Quilling Cards

Quilling cards are welcoming cards that contain a Quilled plan on the facade of the card. Quilling is an artistic expression where segments of paper are moved to make multifaceted structures. These cards are interesting and high quality and are regularly encircled as gems.

Credit Card

Spring up

Spring up cards are regularly cards that, when opened, have an image coming outward, giving the peruser an astonishment. Pictures and printed messages in welcome cards come in different styles, from compelling artwork to diverting to dishonor. Vague cards, disconnected to any event, may highlight an image (or a pocket to glue in an individual photo) however no pre-printed message. Paper Pop Cards has a patent for separable spring up cards[2] which lets the spring up be spared as Keepsake.

Spring Up card structures are roused by Kirigami work of art, began in Japan. Not just in Japan, this artistic expression is spread in U.S.A, U.K. also, India as well. Lovepop cards showed up in Shark Tank scene 605 in season 11 with Kirigami craftsmanship motivated spring up cards and raised a financing of $300,000[3] by Kevin O’Leary. All around there are organizations like Paperkami,Origami Pop Cards, and a lot more are following the comparable work of art. Eid Card


Otherwise called advanced welcome cards, they can be discovered online through shopping stages, for example, Etsy and a few web journals. Typically accessible as a pdf record, the plan for a card can be printed out at home or a nearby print shop. Printable cards have permitted architects to make cards promptly accessible to clients everywhere throughout the world.

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